Skipping Commercial Roof Maintenance? NJ’s Best Roofers Advise Against This!

June 27, 2022
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Whether your commercial property is old or new, don’t skip commercial roof maintenance! New Jersey’s best roofers know that commercial properties are even more at risk of roof damage than residential roofs, and thus need more maintenance. Want the details on why? Keep reading!

Commercial Roofs in NJ are Bigger Than Residential
The biggest and most obvious reason why commercial roofs in NJ need more maintenance and attention than their residential counterparts is because they are bigger. Much bigger, in many cases! Unless you happen to own a mansion, a commercial property like a warehouse or office suite is going to have a far larger footprint. That means even more roof to get damaged, and even higher costs to replace the roof! Fortunately, it means more opportunities for repair and maintenance as well. Keep in mind that your roof is a long-term investment, and treat it as such when you schedule regular commercial roof maintenance.

Many Commercial Roofs in NJ are Flat
In addition to the size, many of NJ’s commercial roofs are flat roofs. These make it easy to add another floor, and are popular for commercial buildings, but this can add new and different challenges for your roof maintenance. Unlike slanted roofs, things don’t just “roll off” your flat roof, and when the roof sags, it can lead to dangerous puddles that grow bigger and bigger. Maintaining a flat roof requires special knowledge and experience, which you’ll only find with NJ’s best commercial roofers.

Who Pays Attention To Commercial Roof Leaks?
Finally, commercial roof leaks are often unreported or underreported. Unlike your home, where you can account for every noise, most people in commercial buildings aren’t too attached. Besides, “someone else will report that leak.” Your employees or tenants have far better things to do than scan the roof for leaks—but a roofing company in NJ will give it their full attention.

Don’t skip commercial roof maintenance! New Jersey’s best commercial roofing specialists are waiting to help!

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