Here’s Why You Should Consider Installing a Skylight In Your Home!

August 9, 2021

If you want to upgrade your roof, or install a new roof in New Jersey, you have plenty of options. From flat roofs and shingles, to solar panels, to skylights, there is so much that a skilled roofing contractor can help out with! Today, construction and roofing experts share experiences on installing a skylight in your home. It can be an affordable project that adds enjoyment and value to your most prized possession—your home!

Skylights Provide a Great Return on Investment
One of the best things about installing a skylight on the roof of your home is the return on that investment. Home buyers are always looking for that “special something” that sets their home apart from others, and a skylight may just be what the next buyer is looking for. Of course, throughout the duration of your stay in your own home, you get to enjoy the colorful sunrises, dazzling meteor showers, and peeks at the wildlife.

Skylights Require Low Maintenance
Many people are concerned about installing a skylight because they don’t want a lot of maintenance. No wonder! Way back in the day, people had to do a lot of extra work for skylights, and many of them leaked. Since then, construction and roofing specialists in NJ have learned newer and better ways to install these skylights, including the use of advanced technology, to make them stay clear, beautiful, and leak free for many years to come. In fact, some of our clients have told us that their skylights out lived the rest of their roof!

Skylights are Affordable to Install
Sure, these are great reasons to install a skylight in your NJ home. But can you afford it? Our friends over at Happy DIY Home are certain that you can, and our contractors agree! On average, a skylight can range from about $150, all the way up to $1700! Why the variation? Because no two skylights are the same. The size, materials, style, and contractor that you choose for your skylight installation in NJ will all have a huge impact on your budget. The more complicated your skylight, the higher the costs.

Want more details on the specifics of what can increase or decrease your skylight installation costs? Check out the Happy DIY Home blog on the topic at, or call your trusted roofing contractor for a custom estimate!