Why Spring is the Busiest Time of Year for NJ’s Best Roofers

May 20, 2022
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Construction projects generally tend to take place in the warmer months, but spring is the busiest time of year for NJ’s best roofers. What is it about spring that makes roofers start peeking their heads out? Keep reading to find out—and start planning your roof repairs now before we get booked up!

NJ’s Winter Weather is Rough on Roofs
If you haven’t been paying attention, winters in NJ are rough. This is especially true for your home’s roof, which is exposed to the sun, rain, wind, and temperatures that vary wildly! Once winter is finally over, many homeowners give their roof a good, hard look. This is the time of year when popped shingles are noticeable, unusual drainage patterns pour down on you, and people start calling their residential roof repair specialists to get it back into shape.

April Showers Bring Leaks!
Sure, April showers will eventually bring flowers… but in April, they just bring leaks! If your roof is leaking, spring is one of the most noticeable times to see the water intruding into your house, simply because there is so much of it. This often comes on the tail end of winter weather damage, so don’t take a leak as a bad sign—this could be the first cue that you need to pay more attention to your roof to keep it in good shape. Calling your residential roofers in NJ to fix a small leak is way better than replacing your whole roof!

Roof Repairs in NJ Save on Summer Cooling
Even if your roof is not visibly damaged or leaking, you may have motivation to repair your NJ roof this summer: reducing your summer cooling costs. If you noticed that you needed more electricity or gas to heat your home over the winter, your roof may be letting your climate-controlled air escape! Keep the bills lower this summer and hire a roofer in NJ to fix it up.

Spring is the busiest season for the best roofers in New Jersey, so make sure to call ahead of time to plan your roof repairs!

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