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Roof Repairs

When you call a roofer in New Jersey, you need someone who comes fast! The team at Allied Roofing and Construction is available for emergency roof repairs to keep
your home dry and safe.

roof repairs

Are you looking forward to doing a roof replacement in New Jersey? Need to schedule a roof renovation? Or maybe you want a new roof? and you have been wondering which is the best-licensed roofing company? We are glad to let you know that you have come to the right place.

Licensed New Jersey Roofing Contractor has extensive experience in working with various roofing materials, including metal tiles, corrugated board, shingles, ceramic tiles, and so on. If you need help choosing your options, our roofing experts can help you make an informed decision.

The roof shapes the characteristics of a house. It is critical to the appearance and beauty of the whole commercial or residential building. The services we offer include:

  • Roofing
  • Complete Roof coverings installation
  • New and redeployment of pitched roofs
  • Flat roof waterproofing
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate work of all kinds
  • Roof insulation
  • Roof siding
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Storm damage repair
  • Repair, maintenance, and insulation of gutters
  • Connections, stairs, and windows
  • Covering clay tile products, e.g. flat roof
  • Tiles, double hollow tiles, hollow interlocking tiles,
  • Pitched roofs, flat roofs, and shingle roofing

New Jersey Roofing Contractors

A special work area on the roof is the plumbing, which includes different types of roofing. The roof and facade, as well as the adjoining masonry, are protected from moisture and weather influences.

Whether it is a new building, an old building, or an extension, you can get a glimpse of our range of services here:

  • installation of Roof drainage
  • Standing seam coverings installation
  • Facade cladding
  • Wall cladding etc

Quality materials, modern assembly, folding, and connection technologies ensure long service life. And we not only ensure fast and elegant drainage of rainwater but also precise processing and careful execution are just as natural for us.

Professional Roof Carpentry

Every beautiful and functional roof also needs a corresponding roof structure. Whether it is a new building, an old building, or an extension, you can get a glimpse of our range of services here:

  • New construction of roof trusses
  • Renovation of roof trusses
  • Timber frame construction
  • Wood paneling
  • installation Loft extension
  • Installation and renovation of dormers
  • Drywall installation

Since the construction of the residential or commercial roof structure is an important point in the design of a house, we not only offer all types of roof structures such as saddle or hip roof, flat roof, etc. We would also be happy to advise you on the design options.

Professional Roof check craftsmanship

Do you naturally think about the suitability of your roof for winter before the winter starts? Especially in the second half of the year, your roof is exposed to special weather-related conditions. Snow & ice, storms and hail, and gutters clogged with leaves can make life difficult for your roof. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity and have your roof checked regularly in case it may need repairs!

Besides roof check craftsmanship, among other services that can be fixed includes:

  • brick
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • leak connections
  • Skylight
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Substructures

After a quick test, you will receive a competent statement about the condition of your roof or facade.

Would you like to use our all-round carefree package and start the cold season without worries? Then use hire maintenance contract – your very own roof inspection. Every year in autumn we check the condition of your roof and facade in good time and repair small defects such as leaks, damaged or insufficiently fastened roof tiles immediately. Also, after repairs, we clean your gutters and down-pipes so that major defects cannot arise in the first place. In this way, your roof will remain in perfect condition for a long time and the value of your house is secured. Talk to us and conclude your maintenance and repairs contract with us.

New Jersey Roofing Contractors services

Allied Roofing and Construction provide our New Jersey clients with the best and affordable roofing services. Living and working in New Jersey all our lives we understand the demands and challenges our clients face every day. As a premier family-owned roofing company we know the great sacrifice made to keep your roof in good condition. As our customers can let you know if you read our amazing Google reviews. We can come and give you an estimate by a member of our trusted team. Our roofing reps don’t just price out your residential roofing project they also work on the project from beginning to end. So from roof repair to roof replacement, we can service all your roofing needs. We understand New Jersey Roofing as a certified fully-licensed New Jersey roofing contractor we will provide you outstanding workmanship and fantastic service.

Roofing Contractors

The roofer expert costs are different for each building, the final price depends on several factors.

How much should I pay for roof repairs in New Jersey?

The roofer expert costs are different for each building, the final price depends on several factors.

Roofers: costs at a glance

The roofer expert costs New jersey mainly depend on the size of the roof, but also the roof pitch. For larger areas, you may be able to negotiate a lower price per square foot. The type of coverage you choose also determines the costs to a large extent. The roofer covers your roof with concrete or steel tiles, for example, at a particularly affordable price, which costs around dollar 25 per square meter, including material.

Roofing with clay bricks is available in the price range of around 30 to 55 dollars per square meter, whereby the simple hollow pans are among the cheaper bricks. The roofer costs for slate and thatch are particularly high: calculate for a slate roofing with prices of 90 dollars per square ft upwards, a thatched roof usually costs you more than 120 dollars per square foot.

The roof battens, the membrane, and the roof ridge assembly are added to the total costs. It is better to inquire about this directly with your roofer because the prices in this area are very different.

New jersey expert Cost example: Covering 300 sq ft of roof area

A semi-detached residence is to be covered with tiles. The roofer can charge an average cost per square foot for installing the underlay, per square foot for the shingles and their attachment.


Fastening material

Covering with clay tiles

Save roofers costs in New jerseyThe task is broken down into two stages:

A roof made by an expert can last for more than 30 years, so homeowners shouldn’t skimp on quality. With an older roof, a roof coating may help to keep it intact for a few more years. Discuss this with your roofing contractor’s expert about the estimates that you would like.

The task is broken down into two stages:
1. How to choose and select a good roofing contractor or a family-owned roofing company? (the stage of preparation for the installation of the roof).
2. How to control the work of a roofer? (roof installation stage)

Roof preparation stage

Hiccuping the one who will make you a roof is best in advance. The most prudent owners of the future roof begin to do this even before the beginning of the roofing season. Good craftsmen are in great demand, so at the height of the season they are all loaded with orders, and it is extremely problematic to squeeze into their busy schedule. Therefore, about the possibilities of the problem of how to find a good roofer, try to solve it in advance for your roofing needs to be taken care of.

This applies to both private craftsmen-individuals and specialized firms that provide services for the installation of the roof. What to look for when choosing a roofer:

1. Experience. It is advisable to know in advance how long it takes a master, a roofing team, or a firm to mount your commercial or residential roofs. Have they worked with the kind of roofing material you plan to cover your roof with before?

2. Reputation. Ask roofers for recommendations from their previous clients. True, this is more likely to be accepted in Western countries, in our open spaces it is still a bit tough with this. But it’s worth a try – what if they still have recommendations? By the way, this says a lot about the performer of the works – it means that he has nothing to hide, he is truly proud of the work done and cares about his reputation. If there is no recommendation, ask what kind of roofs, where, and when did the masters fly. Take the contact numbers of their former clients (if given). And do not be lazy – call and ask if they are satisfied with the work of their roofer. Better yet, go and see for yourself the results of their work.

3. Manufacturer’s recommendations. When you buy roofing material, ask its manufacturers who they would recommend from the roofers. As a rule, many manufacturers have partners – roofers, with whom they cooperate in one way or another. There is one plus here – the manufacturer will never advise you on who can spoil your roof but rather the one who will ensure your roofing needs are met.

Roof Repairs are always needed whether you need a small residential roof repair. Or chimney repair, a flat roof repair, or a large commercial roof repair. We can help solve your roofing issue today!

Is your roof over ten years old, or are you unsure of its age? Have you just moved into a new residence? Are you unsure of the quality of the work done by another contractor? Do you suspect a water leak or other anomaly concerning your cover?

Our roof repair service allows you to extend the life of your roof by repairing defects in your roof and eliminating the need to replace it.

A professional will come to your home by appointment and inspect all the components of your roof in order to give you an accurate picture of the situation.

Emergency Roof Repair

Have you lost shingles due to strong winds? Have you noticed water infiltration from the cover? Has your warranty expired, or the roofer you have dealt with refuses to honor its warranty?

Problems requiring emergency intervention on the roof

Here are some situations that require emergency intervention on a roof:

  • Your roof is leaking and you have noticed that water infiltration is invading your ceilings
    or running on your walls;
  • Your ceilings have brown stains of condensation or mold;
  • You have noticed a sharp rise in the humidity level in your home;
  • Shingles are missing, bending, cracking or really deteriorated;
  • Your flashings appear to have deteriorated;
  • The caulking around the roof equipment is worn or coming off;
  • Ice collects near the edges of your roof.

These are signs that indicate that a roofer must intervene urgently on your roof.

These are signs that indicate that a roofer must intervene urgently on your roof.

If your residential or commercial asphalt shingle roof has deteriorated to the point of causing water infiltration, or the shingles come off or are broken, we can replace them in the problematic areas.

Our inspection will tell us if the entire roof should be replaced.

If the caulking joints around appliances on the roof and around the chimney or skylight are damaged, we will seal them properly to prevent water infiltration.

Emergency on membrane roof

For an emergency concerning an membrane roof, we can check:

  • The condition of the membrane
  • Transverse overlaps
  • The condition of drains, flashings and vents
  • The junctions of the walls with the roof

We will identify the causes of water infiltration and can repair tears, perforations or poorly welded joints. Note that small folds in the membrane are normal.

However, blisters, delamination, severe wrinkling, fishmouths or cracks in the membrane and sealant require repair. The lack of granules is not a major problem.

During our emergency intervention on a roof, we carry out a rigorous inspection to determine the extent of the damage.

Our team of roofers then performs all the repairs necessary for a healthy roof.

We replace all damaged materials efficiently and meticulously on any roof.

This helps prevent additional damage to your building or home (water damage). Putting it out of water is a necessary step to protect your property temporarily.

Then, depending on the condition of your structure, the necessary repairs will have to be carried out.

Our factory-certified installers are able to provide warrantied roof repairs in many circumstances. Many times a repair is a viable solution and a full roof replacement is not necessary.

We will give you an honest recommendation of whether or not a repair is a cost-effective solution to your roofing issues.

roof repairs