Should You Call A Residential Roof Repair Company in NJ to Fix A Leaking Roof?

February 15, 2022
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Sometimes they start small, sometimes they pour down all at once—leaks are big problems for many homeowners in New Jersey, where leaking roofs require repair immediately to avoid doing damage to the home. But when you notice a leak, who should you call? A residential roof repair company in New Jersey is your best bet. Here’s what to do if your roof is leaking!

Step 1: Assess for immediate danger. Where is the leak occurring and how big is it? Leaks that are dropping water onto electrical appliances or into walls where there may be live wires can be life safety issues, especially if they are big. Move small appliances (like toasters or televisions) away from the leak, or protect larger ones (like the stove or computer equipment) with a large tarp. If you suspect water is leaking in the walls or if you notice any sparks, sizzling, or electric shocks when you touch the walls, shut off the power immediately. If you have a huge leak and your roof is visibly sagging, you may want to stay in a safer place.

Step 2: Call a professional roof repair company immediately. You should have an idea of what problems your roof may be facing, but you need a roofing specialist in New Jersey to make the proper diagnosis. Often, water that intrudes from one part of your roof comes out in a different area of your ceiling or walls, requiring careful analysis.

Step 3: Follow Up. Your roofer will also be able to discuss the safety of that part of your home, and the cost and timeframe of the repair. Sometimes, a small leak can be fixed very easily, such as replacing a damaged shingle, or patching up that spot where the previous owners had an improperly installed satellite dish. After the work is completed, verify that the leak is no longer an issue, especially with poor weather.

Roof leaks can be disastrous, especially if they are left unattended. Keep your home in its best condition and repair your NJ roof today with the help of professional roofers from Allied Roofing and Construction!

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