These Three Signs of Roof Failure Can Spell Disaster for Your Home in NJ

April 14, 2022
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Roofing contractors in New Jersey know—a damaged roof can be a huge problem for your home! Are you suffering with these three signs of roof failure? Keep reading to see how to fix them!

Water Pools on Your NJ Roof
Does water collect on a certain part of your roof? If so, you need to call a local roofing contractor right away for help! The purpose of your roof isn’t just to shield your home from the elements, it’s to move those elements away from the home effectively. For your roof, this means that the water should be flowing freely to the gutters, then draining away. If it stays on your roof, it could lead to mosquitos, leaks, and damage.

Roof Replacement is Needed If Your Roof Sags
Does your roof sag or bow? Your roof should be nice and level, supporting the shingles and moving any water or debris down to the ground. If your roof sags, you need to call a residential roofing specialist in NJ right away! Sometimes this can be as easy as addressing bubbled up shingles, sometimes it can signal a huge structural problem with your roof. Only a qualified roofer can tell!

A Green Roof In New Jersey is a Bad Sign
You love a nice, green lawn—it usually means you’ve kept up your home very well! But if your roof is green, it could be mold! Sometimes spring pollen can cast an unusual yellow-green shade over your home, but that will wash off with rain. Bright green or dark, forest green shades are usually mold, and mold does not wash off on its own. You’ll need to call a roof repair company in NJ to remove the mold and address the underlying structural issues.

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