Roof Repairs Are Almost Out of Season—Call Now For Roofing Services in NJ!

October 16, 2022
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Did your roof see some damage over the summer? Roof repairs in New Jersey are best done in warmer weather, which means that roof repair season is almost over! If you need roofing services in NJ, call today to schedule before an early snow falls! Here are some roofing services to start planning for.

Loose Shingles Suggest it’s Time For Roof Repairs
If there’s any part of your home that shouldn’t be flapping in the wind, it’s your shingles! Shingles aren’t just decorative elements, they serve an important purpose to protect your roof and your home from the weather. If they are flopping around, they aren’t doing their job. If you notice a loose shingle, always call a residential roofing specialist in Clifton to address it. If you’re lucky, we may be able to repair a small spot, secure the shingles, or replace some shingles; in some cases, loose shingles can signal a bigger problem. Roofers in NJ can fix bigger problems as well, but we need to find them first.

Fix A Green Roof in NJ Before Winter
If your roof seems structurally sound, but has taken on a green shade, you should still call a roofing contractor in NJ to help. If your roof is green (and you didn’t paint it that way) you usually have mold standing on your roof. Not only is mold smelly and unsightly, it can seep through the roof and into your home—as can the standing water, which is usually what caused the mold in the first place. But you won’t have to make that decision, just call a roofer to evaluate your roof. We’ll fix the green and work to prevent it from molding again, such as by fixing your drainage or boosting up low spots.

Install Solar Panels During Your NJ Roof Repair Project
If you’ve had an eye on solar panels, ask your roofing specialist about adding some during your next roof repair project. This technology has become so much more affordable in past years, and can save money on your heating bills all winter.

Don’t wait until the snow falls to pay attention to your roof—call Allied Roofing and Construction today to schedule roof repairs in Clifton, NJ.

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