Heating Costs Are Through the Roof! Contractors in NJ Have Tips to Save Cash

December 7, 2021
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People across the US have already started seeing higher heating costs this year, and those are only expected to increase as the coldest winter months set in. How can you keep your heating costs from going through the roof? Roofing contractors in NJ have some great tips that can save you money all year long.

Heat Rises
One of the most important things that your roof does is keep your heat inside. Think back to your grade school science classes and remember that heat rises if you doubt how much difference a roof makes! Since heat rises, that means your roof is constantly fighting the interior air to keep it inside. This is easier if your roof is in good condition. An old roof that is in poor condition will not do as good a job at keeping your home warm. How can you tell? Checking your heating bills from year to year can help somewhat, but a quick and easy tip is to ask your neighbors. If they have a similar-sized home and keep the thermostat at a similar number, their heating bills should be similar. If you are spending a lot more, your roof may a problem.

Leaks Lose Heat
Even new roofs can have heat loss issues, especially if there are cracks, leaks, or improper sealants. Don’t think that a brand-new roof is resistant to heat loss—call a roofing expert in NJ to examine your roof if you suspect that your heat is being lost.

Go Solar
Another great alternative that will reduce your heating bills for many years to come (and likely generate some income for you down the line) is to install solar panels on your home. These panels are energy-efficient, affordable, and can often turn into revenue generators for you in a few years after paying themselves off. With ongoing oil price increases, calling a roofing contractor in NJ to install solar panels is likely the best choice you can make!

Ready to reduce your heating bills? Start from the top and call a building and roofing contractor in NJ to evaluate your needs!

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