Is The Roof on Your NJ Home The Right Choice For Your Climate?

May 6, 2022
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When you build or purchased your home, did you consider if your NJ roof is right for the northeastern climate? Many people are surprised to find out that certain types of roofing materials do better in some weather than others. In NJ, that means finding the perfect balance of shingles that insulate in the winter, stand up to snow and ice, and can tolerate summer heat. Keep reading for tips from Allied Construction in NJ!

Asphalt or Cedar Shingles For All-Season Roofs in NJ
The overall winner for best all-season roofs in NJ is the classic asphalt shingle! Affordable, ubiquitous, and familiar for a reason, these “standard” shingles are likely what you’ve seen on most of your neighbors’ homes. Older homes are often topped with cedar shingles, which come at a higher price, but provide the same all-season benefits as asphalt shingles. When installed properly by a residential roofing contractor in NJ, these can last for years.

Maybe Metal? Roofing Contractors Weigh In
Love the look of a metal roof? It’s not a bad idea for NJ’s roofing needs, but with some caveats. Metal is a wonderful barrier for wind and snow, and stands up to wet and unpredictable weather. In the summer, a metal roof can keep your home a little cooler. The downside is that, since metal roofs are slightly less insulating, you may lose some heat in the summer. You should carefully discuss your metal roof plans with you trusted roofing company to insure your home’s insulation can keep up.

Avoid These Materials for Your Next Roof Replacement in NJ
If you’ve traveled to the southwest, you may have noticed homes with slate, clay, or rubber shingles. Would those look good on your home? What’s more important is if they will work on your roof. These are materials that are usually used in desert climates for a number of reasons—they provide airflow to cool your home, they reflect sunlight away to reduce heat, and they are generally not as resistant to heavy snow, rain, or very cold temperatures. If you love the look, talk with a roofing contractor in NJ to see how to replicate that look with roofing materials appropriate for the northeast.

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