Local Roofers in NJ Explain Plumbing Vents and Other Ventilation on Your Roof

May 14, 2022
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Roofers in New Jersey spend much of their day walking around on roofs, seeing the world from the top! While they’re up there, they are constantly on the lookout for vents, stacks, and other interruptions. What’s going on on your roof? Keep reading to find out!

Roofs In New Jersey Have Many Ventilation Stations
Why do roofs have so many vents? It helps to remember that “vent” is short for “ventilation,” or the process of managing airflow. Your home has plenty of air in it, but always fresh air to breathe. How is this possible? Ventilation—much of which exits through your roof! In fact, most homes have special ventilation built-in to manage the attic and roof, where moisture likes to build up. Effective venting can keep your home mold-free and promote proper air flow. In addition, some homes have appliances like the dryer, household fans, or stove venting out through the roof, just like your chimney.

NJ’s Best Roofers Help Your Toilets Flush!
In addition to ensuring proper air flow throughout your home, vents on your roof affect your plumbing! Many homeowners are surprised to find out that the toilet depends on the roof, but it’s true! In addition to gravity and the siphon power created by flushing the toilet or draining a sink, your plumbing depends heavily on proper airflow and gas exchange. To let potentially dangerous sewer gas escape harmlessly, a plumbing vent or vent stack is installed, exiting through the roof. This affects the “suction” as you use your drains. While a plumber is usually called to diagnose these vent issues, local roofers are careful to work around these and to ensure they are not blocked or obstructed by roofing materials.

Did you know that your roof had all this going on? Your roof is so much more than just a few shingles on the top of your house! It’s one of the best protections from the weather, and an important part of your home’s longevity. If your home’s roof or the vents on that roof are starting to show signs of wear, contact a local NJ roofing company to help!

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