Residential Roofing and Window Contractors in NJ Share Tips to Stay Warm This Winter

January 20, 2023
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This winter came in strong and is expected to stay cold! Residential roofing and window contractors in NJ have been getting plenty of calls this year from homeowners who want their houses a little warmer—without the pain of cranking up the thermostat and paying for heating bills! When you repair or replace certain parts of your home’s construction, you can enjoy a warmer home with savings that last for years. Keep reading for our best tips to stay warm this winter.

Repair Your NJ Roof Now To Save on Heating Bills
Heat rises… and out the roof it goes! If your cash seems to fly out the window with each heating bill, you’re not alone—national prices on heat have increased 20-30% across the nation! So you want to trap that heat safely inside. Your roof is one of the places where the most heat loss occurs, so fixing that roof now is a smart plan. Your roof may need just a little work, such as new shingles or new flashing, or your whole roof may need an overhaul. If it’s been decades since you’ve had your roof replaced, you’ll be surprised by the affordable, insulating options you have to replace it.

New Windows Reduce Drafts for NJ Homeowners
For many homeowners in New Jersey, your old windows are drafty. This is especially true for those with homes built in the 70s or earlier, with single-pane glass windows. Unlike modern windows, that are designed to insulate and protect against breakage and wind, older windows can let a lot of heat escape—and cold air come in! When you call Allied Roofing and Construction to replace your old windows, you’ll see the world more clearly from your warm and toasty home.

New Siding in Northern New Jersey Insulates Your Home
Would you bother bundling up in a warm hat and gloves, but not wearing a coat? Of course not—and you shouldn’t do the same to your home. Your siding, and the insulation that should be beneath it, is like a warm parka wrapped around your home. It keeps the cold out, and the heat in. If your siding is old or damaged, or if you can literally feel the coldness on outside walls, why not consider planning a siding project? NJ’s best roofing and construction specialists can help you choose the best materials for your specific needs, and help to keep your home climate-controlled all year long.

Ready to start warming up the house? Start planning your projects now! Even if you can’t repair your roof, siding, or windows in northern NJ this winter, planning a project now ensures you’ll be ready for whatever the future brings.

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