Why That Old Roof is Costing You More Than It’s Worth—Roof Installation in NJ is Easy with Financing

June 20, 2022
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Could installing a new roof on your NJ home actually save you money? Roof installations in New Jersey aren’t cheap, but with the rising costs of heating and cooling, your old roof could be costing your more than its worth. Fortunately, some of the best roofing contractors in NJ make new roofs easily with financing options. Keep reading to see how a new roof could pay for itself!

Your “Hat” is Off When You Need A New Roof Installed
Remember how mom always told you to wear a hat in the winter so the heat doesn’t escape out through your head? Think of your home’s roof as its hat. When your roof is damaged, thin, or leaking, it’s like you went out without a hat, and all that climate-controlled air is leaking out! In the summer, this lets your air conditioning escape a little, but nowhere near as much as the heat loss that occurs in winter. With next year’s energy costs predicted to climb even higher, replacing your residential roof this summer is a smart plan.

Roof Repairs in NJ Only Address so Much
Have you repaired your roof in NJ in the past? Maybe a few times? Roof repairs are a wonderful tool to extend the life of your residential roof, but they can only address so much. By the time you’re putting patches on patches, struggling to match the color of those old shingles, or after decades of wear have caused your whole home to shift, a new roof may be the only solution.

Finance a Roof Installation in New Jersey
If your residential roof installation needs are imminent, you may not need convincing. But needing a new roof doesn’t pay for one! Fortunately, you can finance your roof installation in New Jersey easily when you work with the best roofing contractors. Allied Roofing and Construction offers in-house, roofing- and home improvement-specific loans and financing options that will cover your roof—pun intended!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to replace your roof. Save your home from damage and save money when you finance a residential roof installation today!

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