April Showers Bring Roof Damage! Schedule Your Roof Repairs in NJ Before We Book Up

April 6, 2022
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Spring has hit New Jersey, and most people couldn’t be happier! That is… unless they need roof repairs. New Jersey’s winter weather has taken a toll, and April is one of the rainiest months. Is your roof going to stand up to the moisture? Here are some roof repairs you shouldn’t put off. Schedule with a local roofing company in NJ today before we get booked up.

Professional Roofers Discuss Roof Leaks
If your roof sprung a leak over the winter, the time to fix it is yesterday. The longer you leave a leak from your roof, the more chance that water has to come inside. In limited cases, the water could damage your shingles and roofing materials. If enough water comes in, you may end up with water between your walls, in your ceiling, or in your attic. Water can turn to mold and mildew, and can damage the structure of your house. All this for a little leak? That’s why you need roof repair services immediately.

Low Spots Signal Roof Repair Needs in NJ
Your roof should be level. If there are “low spots,” “dips” or “valleys” on your roof, that means there is a place for water to collect—and exposes you to the risk of roof damage! This is even worse during spring showers, when rain can be heavy and temperatures variable. If part of your roof looks sunken or uneven, call a trusted residential roofing specialist to help you repair it.

Fallen Branches
This early in New Jersey, roofs are usually safe, but this year has brought many storms already! Your local roofing contractors have been getting more calls than usual to address damage caused by fallen trees or branches. Removing the branch is the easy part—what comes next requires a skilled roofer. If a large, heavy item has struck your roof, it can damage a few shingles, or it can majorly affect your roof’s structure and stability. The only way to tell is to have a professional roofing contractor in NJ check out your roof.

Is your roof showing some signs of wear after spring storms? Don’t wait until a little problem grows into a giant problem—call Allied Roofing and Construction in NJ today to schedule roof repairs.

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