NJ’s Home Remodel Specialists Share The Best Exterior Home Improvement Trends of 2023!

January 23, 2023

What could your home look like in 2023? When you work with NJ’s best exterior home improvement team, it can look exactly the way you want it to. Need some ideas for your next exterior home remodel project? Keep reading to see some of the hottest trends for exterior home improvements for 2023!

Energy Efficiency Is A Top Home Remodel Concern in NJ
With the prices of everything continuing to inflate, energy efficiency is one of the top concerns we hear from homeowners. Whether you need the best roofers in NJ to stop your roof from letting all the heat escape, a team of window experts to stop the drafty cold from coming in, or any other construction done to shore your home up against the bitter cold, you’re in luck! We love helping people to winterize their house permanently!

Brighten Up With Colorful Features
Colors are making a splash outside your front door! While neutral colors are in this year, bright splashes of colors, such as on your window trim, shutters, siding, or doors are a popular trend. Even better? You’ll stand out from the neighbors, and your home will be easy to find.

Add An Extra Room or Space With An Exterior Home Remodel
Ever wish you could add an extra space to your home without having to do a lot of construction? One of the hottest trends right now is outdoor rooms, rooftop decks, and other spaces where you can take advantage of nature and “free” space! When you work with a team of construction professionals in NJ, we can help you with your exterior home remodel, including building small structures on your property, adapting existing structures, or adding “floors and ceilings” (ground covering and pergolas or other outdoor structures) to expand your outdoor enjoyment.

Sustainable Roofing and Siding Materials are On Trend
Finally, if you want to replace your roof or siding in NJ, you’ll be on-trend by seeking sustainable materials! The best roofers and home improvement professionals in NJ are up-to-date on the industry’s best materials for your home and the earth.

Ready to re-imagine your home? Call the team of roofing and construction experts at Allied to start planning your projects!

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