These Three Things Tell You To Call A Roofing Contractor in NJ Before The Snow Piles Up

March 21, 2022
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If you live in New Jersey, your winter is full of snow and ice—and so is your roof! The best roofing contractors in NJ know that the heart of winter is often the time for your roof to start acting up, leading to plenty of problems! Want to head off the risks of a leak or flood? Keep an eye out for these three signs of damage to your roof. If you see any of them, call a roofing contractor in NJ to help!

Curled or Missing Shingles Signal You Need Roof Repair
For many homeowners, the first sign that your roof is in need of repair is a curly shingle. Maybe a pesky squirrel was chewing at it, but most likely, a shingle that has curled away from your roof is damaged. Your best bet is to call a trusted roofing contractor in NJ to check it out—usually, you only see one damaged shingle because the others haven’t popped yet! Repairing your NJ roof can save hundreds over the cost of replacing.

Massive Heat Loss Indicates Roofing Damage
Most roofs look fine from the outside. But a detective’s glance at this year’s heating bills can signal problems. Don’t look at the costs (which have skyrocketed compared to last year due to fuel oil costs), look at the amount of fuel used. If you used 100 units of energy to heat your home last year, and are using 200 units this year, something is very wrong! Heat loves to escape from the highest part of your house: Your roof! A residential roofing specialist can help you determine if your roof itself is damaged, or if the insulation is faulty.

Fix Leaks or “Water Spots” with Roof Replacement
In your home or business, water spots should not be showing up on the ceiling. Since most buildings do not have plumbing in the ceiling (aside from between floors), you can bet that water from above is likely coming through your roof. Brown spots, pain that appears to buckle or bubble, or unusually “squishy” drywall can all be signs of a leaking and damaged roof.

Don’t let roof leaks ruin your home! Call Allied Construction in New Jersey to have your roof repaired or replaced today.

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