Can Solar Panel Installations in NJ Save You Money?

July 6, 2022
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With fuel and energy prices as high as they are, many people in NJ are calling their local solar panel installers to ask if solar panel installations can save them money. What’s a fact, and what’s a myth… and should you install solar panels on your home? Keep reading to find the answers for yourself.

Can I Heat and Cool My NJ Home with Solar Panels?
If you live in New Jersey, you can most likely generate adequate solar energy to power your home, especially during summer months. Solar power depends on your property’s orientation to the sun, weather, and coverage, such as large trees that overhang your home. If conditions are right, your home’s heat and AC, as well as general electric needs, can likely be handled by your solar panels!

Will Solar Panels for My Home Generate Additional Revenue?
Many people are excited by the prospect of generating additional revenue from their solar panels. This occurs when you harness so much of the sun’s energy that it is more than you use! This energy can be sold back to the power company, but it’s not very likely in New Jersey. While most homes can sustain themselves with solar panels, those that see big returns are usually in desert states, like Arizona. Your best bet is to consider any solar revenue to be a bonus.

How Do I Cover the Initial Cost of Solar Panel Installations?
This is the biggest question that people ask their solar roof installers or roofing contractors in NJ. The cost of solar panel installations in NJ has come way down over the years, but it is still a very expensive task! Hearing that most people break even within 10 years doesn’t really make this better—you need that cash now! Your local roofing and solar installer in NJ can help you to navigate federal, state, and local grants and rebates, as well as manufacturer rebates, depending on the size and style of your home.

The short answer to the long question: Solar panel installations in NJ will definitely save you money—in the long run. The question is to determine what your short and long-run goals are, and to get a custom quote from a skilled solar panel installer in NJ.

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