Should You Consider Solar Installation in NJ To Save Money On Heating Costs?

September 6, 2022

Solar panel installers in NJ know one thing: your heating costs are about to go through the roof this winter! Between inflation, gas and fuel issues, and a chilly winter predicted for NJ, you winter heating costs could be the highest they’ve ever been. That prompts many homeowners to ask the same question: Can installing solar panels help save money on heating costs? It certainly can!

Solar Panels For Homes in NJ
Many people wonder if it is even worth it to install solar panels for their homes in New Jersey. While our state gets sun, it doesn’t get a lot like people in Arizona or New Mexico might get, and in the winter, the daylight hours are short. Fortunately, if you have the right solar panels and get those installed by a skilled solar installer, you can make it work! You may need to carefully position your solar panels where they are not blocked by trees, or may need a full solar roof. Calling a solar installing specialist in NJ will help you outline your options and choose the best one.

The Best Solar Installers Can Save You Money on Heating
If your home is suitable for solar panel or solar roof installation in NJ, you can definitely save money on heating! These savings, unfortunately, will probably not happen for a few years, but in the long run, your savings could be huge! This is because the initial cost of installing solar panels is still a bit steep, even with federal and state rebate programs. Many homeowners “break even” somewhere between the 5-10 year point, and see tons of savings after that. In fact, if your home is located in a sunny enough area, you may even earn money from your solar panels by selling energy back to the power company!

Solar Roof Tiles Are More Affordable Than Ever
While solar roof tiles remain expensive, they are still more affordable than ever. Thanks to new advances in science and technology, solar roof panels in NJ are easier to make and to install, and those savings pass on down to you. Plus, with the ever-rising cost of fuel, that makes solar power look even more attractive.

We know a lot of these answers were “what if” scenarios. The only guaranteed answer you can get must be specific to your home! Call a roofing contractor and solar installer in New Jersey today to find out exactly how much solar installation can save you!

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