Contact NJ’s Top Roofers Before Filing An Insurance Claim on Your Roof

April 5, 2023

Has your roof suffered damage? Before filing an insurance claim on your roof, call a team of roofers in NJ. We know what we’re doing to get your home in its best shape while getting your insurance to cover the costs. Want more details? Keep reading below.

Step One: Call Allied Roofing and Construction As Soon As You Notice Damage
The most important thing to do if you suspect your roof has been damaged is to call your local roofing contractors. This puts you in a position of power—you’re about to find out exactly what happened to your roof! Sometimes roof damage is obvious, like if a large tree or branch falls on your home, and you have an accidental “skylight.” More often, you suspect roof damage from wind, hail, or extreme temperatures, but cannot clearly see the damage. Calling out a local roofing contractor will give you the information you need to understand the damage. Even more, the best roofers in NJ will take steps to temporarily protect your home, such as putting up plywood or tarps.

Step Two: Our Roofing Experts in NJ Help You Work With Your Insurance Claim
Once the roofers have fully evaluated your roof, it’s time to get the homeowner’s insurance involved. You don’t have to do this alone—the expert roofers from Allied can help you through every step of the process. We know how to explain roof damage in industry-standard terms that the insurance people will understand, and can help you get your roof fixed as soon as possible. Your insurance company will usually send out an adjuster to get their own opinion on the damage, but soon enough, they’ll let you know how much they’ll pay out toward your repairs.

Step Three: Your Roof Replacement or Repair Project in NJ is Completed Smoothly
The insurance approval process can take some time, but when you work with the best roofers in NJ, we’re working for you behind the scenes. For example, we can talk with the homeowner about what color and style of roof replacement might be of interest, and determine if any additional work needs to be done. We keep in close contact with you and the insurance company so we can start work as soon as it gets approved.

Don’t worry if your roof gets damaged—top roofing contractors in NJ are ready and waiting to help you get it repaired. If spring storms wreak havoc on your roof, call Allied Roofing and Construction before you call the insurance company!

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