Here’s How Gutter Cleaning Services Can Preserve Your Roof In NJ

October 7, 2023

One of the most popular questions that home repair specialists and roofing companies in New Jersey get in the winter is “can I have my gutters cleaned and repaired when it’s cold outside?” The answer may surprise you! Keep reading to find out more about winter gutter cleaning and service in New Jersey, and why roofers recommend getting your gutters cleaned regularly. Gutter Cleaning Services Can Preserve Roofs in New Jersey If you see a lot of icicles dangling from your roof, sagging gutters, or even gutters that have fallen off from the weight, your roof is next in line to be damaged! That’s why no matter the weather, you should make sure to call a home exterior contractor to help get your gutters cleaned. Roofers in NJ know that it is so much easier to clean a gutter than to replace your roof! The Best Time of Year to Clean Gutters in New Jersey As you may have guessed, the best time to clean gutters in New Jersey is when the temperatures are above freezing. A handyman or local gutter or roofing company in NJ can visit your home to clean gutters by hand, or to use light water washing to get all the dirt, debris, and more out of your gutters. When the weather is below freezing, gutter cleaning is difficult and even impossible—trying to dislodge frozen chunks of ice, snow, and leaves will only break your gutters. When you call a home improvement specialist in the winter, be prepared to keep a flexible schedule in hopes of a warm day, and keep in mind that your gutters may not be able to be cleaned as thoroughly as they would in the summer or spring. Why Your Gutters Are So Important For Winter Roof Maintenance in NJ Even though you want to avoid scheduling gutter services in the winter months, sometimes you find that you end up with dirty gutters after the first freeze. This is hard on any roof, but especially hard on asphalt shingles! Sometimes your life gets busy, other times mother nature surprises us with a cold fall that rolls right into a cold winter—freezing before those leaves even drop off the trees. You may not notice it until the first thaw cycle, but all that debris in the gutters can cause backups, icicles, and damage too your gutters and roof. Installing seamless gutters in NJ can be a great way to avoid this hassle, and is something you should talk to your home exterior remodeling team about today! Do your gutters need attention—or has your roof already been affected? Call Allied Construction and Roofing today to evaluate your roof and avoid big costs later down the line.

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