Here are Some Hidden Messages Your Roof Is Trying To Tell You!

May 5, 2021
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Does your house talk to you? Does it say “keep me dry” or “help, my roof is leaking, get me repaired!” If only it was that easy! Signs that you need roof repair in NJ are not always easy to find, but the best roofers in town know how to spot them. Here are some of our favorite hidden signs that your roof needs attention!

Your Attic Is Bright or Breezy
Do you have a sunroof or windows in your attic? If you don’t, you shouldn’t be feeling a breeze or seeing light coming through. This can be hard to notice from year to year, but worn roofs can let in light, air, and eventually moisture. Fix it fast with roofing services in NJ!

The Paint Peels
Interior and exterior painted surfaces can clue you into a roof leak! If your paint is peeling, especially near the ceiling or wall joints, the most likely cause is moisture. If your pipes aren’t causing problems, the water is usually coming from the roof. Note the problem areas and call a roofing specialist near you right away if this happens!

Skyrocketing Energy Bills
Did your heating and cooling costs double over the past year, despite a mild climate? Your roof doesn’t just keep you dry—like the warm hat you wear in the winter, it keeps the heat safely trapped inside so it can’t rise and disappear. If you need to crank that thermostat higher and higher, and your furnace works just fine, your roof may be letting the heat escape!

Dingy, Dirty Roof
Sometimes, it’s not “just” dirty. A roof that constantly looks dirty, even after rainfall has washed away normal dust and debris, may actually be damaged, showing the material under the shingles. Green or black discoloration may even indicate mold! If your shingles have lost their curbside appeal, call a roof expert to check out the problem.

We hope this helped you to “translate” what your roof is trying to tell you! If you see signs of problems, don’t wait until they become major—call an expert roofing and construction company in New Jersey and fix it right away!

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