These Three Home Repairs Save New Jersey Homeowners Money!

February 3, 2023

If you need home repairs in New Jersey, you may not be pleased to be spending more money. After all, aren’t those high heating bills enough to pay for? Fortunately, some of the home repairs that Allied Construction has been doing lately have been saving customers money in the long run, bringing a welcome breath of relief! Check out these three home repairs and ask yourself if they could help you save money on your next heating bill!

Replace Old Windows in NJ And Save Big on Heating Cost
Drafty windows are a lot like wearing a coat with a hole in it. You don’t stay warm, and all the cold air comes in! That’s why NJ’s construction experts stay as busy as ever replacing old windows. This is especially true if your home is older, with single-pane glass windows that let almost all the cold air in—and all the warm air out. Replacing old windows with modern, double-paned glass, as well as new insulation can save hundreds on your heating bills.

How Does Your Siding Affect Your Electric Bill?
Many people wonder how much siding affects their electric bills, and if they should bother repairing their siding or not. As home remodel specialists in NJ know well, your siding can play a big role in heating your home. This involves not only the outer layer of siding, but the insulation that is usually found underneath. When you call a home repair and construction specialist in NJ to help you fix old siding, we can advise on other ways to keep your home warmer as well.

NJ’s Roofing Experts Love Money-Saving Metal Roofs!
Would you go outside in below-zero weather without a hat? Not for long. Just like your body, your home risks a lot of heat loss from the top, since heat rises. Replacing your old roof with a new one can trap that heat and result in a warmer home during the chilly NJ winters. Best of all, if your roof is damaged or leaking, replacement with a metal roof is easy and affordable.

If your home is just too expensive to heat, consider these home improvement tips to save money. Call the expert roofing and construction team at Allied in NJ to start planning today!

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