Is Your Chimney Ready For Winter? NJ’s Roofing Contractors Advise

October 7, 2022
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NJ’s roofing contractors are always up on the roof, which is why we get a lot of calls asking about chimneys and fireplaces. We provide a variety of chimney repair services in Clifton, NJ, and want to get you ready for winter! Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Hire A Chimney Cleaning Company in NJ Every Fall
Fireplaces and chimneys add a beautiful element to any home, but can also cause fire risk. How can you make sure your home is safe? An annual chimney cleaning and evaluation can protect your home. Our chimney experts will clean and inspect your chimney, ensuring that the soot and creosote are removed for safe operation. We’ll make sure your chimney cap is intact so birds, snow, and debris can’t come into your home. If you operate a commercial property that vents a lot of smoke (such as a restaurant), we have special services for your smoke extraction system as well.

Repair a Damaged Chimney
If your chimney has sustained some damage, you may need to have it repaired. This may be the case if your chimney has cracked, or if your whole roof has structural damage that impacts the chimney area. Fortunately, when you work with roofing and general contractors in NJ, we can handle it all for you!

Install Solar on Your Roof Instead
A chimney creates a lot of ambiance, but we’ve all heard that fuel prices are going to continue to rise. Do you want to stick with your chimney and traditional heating systems, or would you be interested in solar panel installations? NJ’s best roofers can advise on solar panels that would work for your home, and install them with no hassle.

It seems like summer was here just a few days ago—but the team at Allied Roofing and Construction is ready to get your roof and chimney repaired for fall! Call us today to discuss your project.

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