Beat Inflation with New Windows From Allied Roofing and Construction in NJ!

February 24, 2023

Inflation just keeps rising—and so does your heating bill. Are your old windows in New Jersey letting all your heat and money fly right out the window? You need a window replacement contractor in NJ to help fight back against inflation. Keep reading to see how Allied Roofing and Construction can help you beat inflation with new windows and home repairs!

Energy-Efficient Windows in NJ Save Money
If your windows are old, it’s very likely that they are costing you money. About 30% of a home’s heat is lost through windows, and your home will feel 5-10 degrees colder with the “wind chill” from drafty windows. During times of high costs for heating, this can drastically affect your budget! While new windows are a higher upfront cost, they usually end up saving you money in the long term. These high prices are likely to last for a while, so why not offset them with new vinyl windows that are energy-efficient?

Sparta’s Best New Windows For Cost Savings
Is there a certain type of window that saves the most money on heating? There sure is! In fact, window efficiency depends on a number of factors. The glass is one of the most important—always choose double-paned glass for energy efficiency, and consider installing “low-e” (for low-emissivity) windows or Energy Star certified glass for the best performance. Your window frames matter as well—vinyl tends to be the best choice. Finally, remember that the structure of your window area contributes, as does the skill of the installer—you want a skilled construction contractor in NJ to install your windows for the best performance.

Repair Your Chimney with NJ’s Best Home Repair Specialists
Window replacement in NJ isn’t the only way to save money on heating. Do you avoid using your fireplace because it is old, damaged, or blocked? When you call a home improvement specialist like Allied Roofing and Construction in NJ, you can get more than just your windows fixed. We work on chimney repairs that can make your fireplace safe for use again, opening up alternatives to paying the power company.

Ready to start fighting back against inflation? Call Allied Roofing and Construction today to discuss ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency with new windows and more!

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