Here’s Why You Should Start Planning For Your New Roof Installation In NJ This Winter

January 15, 2022
Construction , Roofing

If you didn’t get your new roof installed in NJ in 2021, you will usually be better off waiting until spring of 2022. While new roofs can be installed in the winter, waiting for better weather is usually better and easier for everyone. In the meantime, there is plenty of planning that you can do during the chilly months to prepare for your new roof installation!

Research Roofing Options
This is the most exciting part of getting a new roof installed in your NJ home! You get to choose the type of roofing, the color and style, and so much more. Some people install new gutters along with a new roof, so make sure to do some detailed exploring. If you are not sure which types of shingles or roof options are best, always talk with your trusted roof installation contractor for personalized tips!

Clean the Attic
Having too much fun shopping for a new roof? Your next task is a little dustier. When the roofing specialists come to install your new roof, your attic and its contents will be exposed. You need to clean this area to protect it from the elements, and to make a safer space for your roofing contractors to work. This is a great time to go through old boxes and decide what can be donated.

Plan for Kids and Pets
This part of the job won’t matter until you get to your new roof installation date, but NJ’s best babysitters and pet-sitters are busy too! Start making plans now to get the kids and pets out of the house during the installation of your new roof. They get in the way and are at risk of harm, so keep them safer with a family member, friend, or professional care center for the day.

Ready to put a brand new roof on your home in NJ? Start planning for your new roof installation today, then call Allied Construction to work out the details!

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