Remodel Your Home with NJ’s Best Construction Team

January 6, 2023

Could your home use an update? Planning a home remodel with NJ’s best construction team is just the project to work on at the start of the new year. When you work with the construction experts at Allied Roofing and Construction, we can transform your home to look just the way you want it. Check out these home remodel and construction projects for inspiration!

Demolish A Wall To Build New Space with NJ’s Construction Experts
Do you love re-arranging furniture? Is change your best friend? If so, the walls in your house may seem like boring limitations on all your creativity! But before you get the sledgehammer out, consider calling an expert construction team in NJ for help. We can help you determine which walls are structural or load-bearing, and which you can actually tear down and replace. This is a great way to divide big spaces or customize your home for your unique needs.

Finish A Basement During Your Home Remodel in NJ
It sure would be nice if you had an extra floor at home! When you finish a basement, you may find a bunch of extra rooms just waiting to be built. A great idea for home remodel and construction projects in NJ is to expand your usable space without expanding your total footprint, and finishing or remodelling a basement can be an affordable and convenient way to do so.

Repair Your Chimney For a Warmer Winter
Did Old Saint Nick bump against the chimney this holiday season? Or has the chimney been “out of order” since before you can remember? Homeowners in NJ are more interested in heating their homes this year than ever before, and for those with a fireplace and chimney, a crackling fire can be just the ticket to a warmer home. However, if your chimney is dirty or in poor repair, you could risk a fire. Get your chimney repaired now and enjoy it until spring finally arrives!

For all your residential and commercial construction needs, the team at Allied Roofing and Construction is here to help!

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