Should You Wait to Replace Your Siding Until Spring? NJ’s Construction Experts Advise

February 16, 2023

Homeowners are brainstorming ways to reduce their heating costs. Could a siding project in New Jersey be part of your solution… and can you replace your siding in the winter anyway? Keep reading to see how siding affects your heating bill, and learn more about your siding options.

How Your Siding and Heat Work Together
To understand why your siding could help save money on your heating bill, remember one of the many purposes of siding is to protect the exterior of your home. Combined with insulation, which typically lines the inside of the walls, below the siding, these structures guard against water, wind, and weather. If your siding is loose, damaged, or if the underlying insulation is destroyed, your home won’t be as warm as it would be after siding replacement.

Repair or Replace Siding in NJ This Winter
Believe it or not, skilled construction professionals can repair and replace siding in the wintertime, even in NJ’s frigid winters! Just like summer rainstorms, winter snowstorms can delay our projects, but when the weather is decent, most winter siding projects are able to be completed. If you have damaged siding, it is imperative to get that replaced as soon as possible, before ice and water intrude deeper into your structures. Scheduling a full siding replacement in NJ during the winter months is also a great way to have your home ready for spring!

Can You Work on Vinyl Siding in NJ In Winter?
While most people realize that metal, wood, and brick siding is weather-resistant, many homeowners ask specifically about our capabilities to work with vinyl siding in NJ’s winter. While it can be more challenging, our skilled home improvement specialists are ready and able to handle your vinyl siding projects in NJ almost all winter. Some materials aren’t workable during below-zero wind chill days, but our crew knows how to plan around the coldest days and complete your vinyl siding project quickly.

If you know you have a siding project to complete, don’t wait until spring—call now to discuss, schedule, and likely even complete your siding project this winter!

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