Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Service

Cover your commercial building with a sturdy and long-lasting roof from Allied Roofing and Construction! Our personalize commercial roofing services in NJ include many different materials, repairs, and management!

When dealing with commercial Roofing, there are several different options that Allied Roofing LLC can provide, including EPDM, TPO, modified asphalt, and metal, just to name a few. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but one of our team members at Allied Roofing & Construction LLC will evaluate your property and help you decide on the most effective roofing material.

As a commercial roofing company, we know that each client is unique in their needs, working methods, and philosophy. According to their specific situations, our company sets itself apart by considering each client and offering them an experience and personalized commercial roofing services. Your satisfaction is our guarantee for success.

  • Rental property owners
  • Real estate corporation
  • Local companies
  • Warehouse properties

We are aware of the importance of the value of your real estate assets, and it is with pleasure that we help you optimize the life cycle of your roofs.

Whether your project is in the commercial or industrial sector, as certified contractors, we guarantee a reliable installation followed by unparalleled after-sales service. Since all buildings are different, we need to offer you an adequate system at the right price, installed by competent and certified installers. Our commercial roofing services include:

During our inspection, we will determine if it is possible to make repairs and extend the life of your roof. Much more often than not, it is possible, and our experts will be able to present you with the various repair proposals according to the needs of your current roofing situation. No matter your type of roof, we are able to intervene.

Do we recommend a complete replacement of your roof because your roof is in an advanced state of deterioration? Our experts will analyze your roof’s current composition, the building, your budget, and recommend solutions and the ideal installation method.

Do you have water accumulation on your roof? We are able to offer you slope correction solutions, either by a bridging elevation or by installing custom-made slope insulation. We also repair flat roofs. Our team works actively with you and all the other players in your project to ensure maximum coordination of the work.

Are you overwhelmed and would like to delegate the maintenance management of your roofs? We are happy to free you from this task and will ensure the maintenance and life extension of your roofs with our roof management program.

We inspect all of your assets free of charge and then give you a complete and detailed diagnosis of our observations, including recommendations, photos, and expertise. Finally, an action plan by schedule, according to your budget planning, will be established.

Contact us today for an appointment to obtain a free diagnostic of your roofs and a personalized presentation of our roof management service.

By choosing us, you are adopting a responsible company for a sustainable choice.

A professional commercial roofing installation should last for decades if maintained properly, but if you start to notice leaks or other problematic signs, then it’s time to give Allied Construction& Roofing LLC a call. We’ll be able to investigate your roof to find the source of the problem and we’ll give you an honest answer about whether we think it can be salvaged, or whether a new roof is needed.