Beat the Heat This Summer With New Windows and Siding!

June 6, 2023

Summer has arrived in New Jersey! If your home’s exterior is in poor shape, you may be feeling the heat even more than your neighbors. You want to keep cool, but not to break the bank. Can you do both at once? Keep reading to see how your local roofing contractors in NJ can help you beat the heat with new windows, roofs, and siding.

Replacing Your Windows in NJ Can Save on Air Conditioning Costs
The biggest part of your home that lets climate-controlled air escape is usually your windows. In fact, up to 30% of your home’s air goes right out the windows—and takes your air conditioning with it! If you run hot and love a cooler home, it’s in your best interest to replace old windows. This is especially true for older, single-pane windows, which let lots of heat transfer occur. Install new windows today and save on AC bills!

New Siding Keeps Your Home Cooler
If your home has aluminum siding, you’re already making a smart choice for climate control. But if that siding is old, cracked, or not properly insulated underneath, you’re not getting the best bang for your buck when you cool your home! Installing new siding with NJ’s best contractors can fix this problem and keep your home cooler. Want an easy upgrade? Discuss the color of your siding with your contractors—lighter colors can keep homes cooler by reflecting the sunlight.

Call NJ’s Best Roofers For A Cool and Easy Summer
If you’ve ever visited your attic, you may notice that it gets pretty hot in the summer months! As heat rises, your attic warms up while the air-conditioned cold air sinks to the ground level, where you and your family can enjoy it. If your roof is in poor condition, all of the warm air can escape from above—and then the cool air follows! Maintaining proper seals for the air in your home makes your AC run more efficiently, so call NJ’s roofers to repair any roof damage and trap that air where it belongs!

Will this summer bring the blistering heat that the last one did? If it does, make sure your home is ready with window, siding, and roof repairs with Allied Construction in New Jersey.

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