Is Your Roof A Little Too Festive? What A Green Roof Means For Your Home

December 15, 2021
Construction , Roofing

During the holiday season, it’s nice to see a sea of red and green as people celebrate! But if your roof in New Jersey is green all the time, you may in line for some trouble. Keep reading to see what residential roofing contractors in New Jersey have to say about a green roof, and how you can fix it!

Why is My Roof Green?
Unfortunately, your green roof has nothing to do with being environmentally friendly. In fact, green roofs are almost always green due to mold! You may be surprised to find that mold can grow on your roof, but in damp places like New Jersey, almost anything can grow mold! Especially if your home is shaded by big, leafy trees, or face in a direction that gets little sunlight, your roof can get moldy. If your roof only has a few moldy or green patches, it can also indicate that this part of your roof is sagging and trapping water.

How to Fix a Green Roof
Fixing a green roof is important. Mold can eat away at your shingles and other roofing materials and cause leaks into your home. If your roof has suddenly started growing mold or turning colors, the first thing you should do is contact a local roofing contractor in Sparta, NJ. They can help diagnose the issue. They will usually power wash the roof to remove the mold, and give you tips to prevent it from growing, such as trimming trees or clearing gutters regularly. By keeping the roof dry, you should be able to prevent more mold.

When to Replace a Green Roof
If green patches show up in certain areas and keep coming back despite your best efforts, the roof is likely sagging. You need to repair or replace the roof! Thank the mold and green spots for showing up, because they have identified a place where your roof is not sound. Your NJ roofing specialist will advise whether it is best to replace the whole roof or just parts of it.

Nobody likes roofing problems, but when they come, prompt attention saves your home from future damage. If your roof is green or otherwise showing problems, call Allied Construction in NJ for more help!

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