Will Roofing and Siding in NJ Stand Up To Late Summer Storms?

September 5, 2023

As if New Jersey didn’t get enough rain in June, the late summer and early fall storm season is preparing to deliver another round of weather! If you’ve had a chance during the few moments of sun, you’ve hopefully had a chance to take a look at your roofing and siding. Is it in good condition, or should you call a residential roofing contractor in NJ to make repairs? Fall is one of the best times to replace your home’s roof and siding, so keep reading to see signs that you need to schedule a call with a local roofing contractor.

Protect Your Home From The Outside In With A New Roof
One of the first signs of roof damage is visible from the outside. You guessed it—loose, rolling up, flapping, or missing shingles! If your roof is in this condition, you need to call a roofing contractor in NJ fast to protect your home. Installing a new roof in the fall is perfect, as it’s warm enough for our team of roofers to complete their work, and we don’t get as much rain or snow as we do in the rest of the year. Other signs that your roof is failing includes seeing little, sand-like granules piling up at your downspouts—these granules are tiny pieces of your shingles deteriorating! Call a roofer in NJ right away.

The Inside Scoop: Interior Signs of Roof Damage in NJ
If you can’t see your roof very well, or if you have a relatively flat roof, you may not be able to see damage from the outside. However, you can still detect roof damage from the inside of your home. The obvious sign is a leak through your ceiling, which often comes alongside drips and damage. Also keep an eye out for “bubbled” drywall or wall edges that look “puffy,”—this means that water has soaked your home’s materials. Don’t forget to take a peek up in the attic—many leaks go overlooked for years while all your attic materials get drenched! If you see any signs of a failing roof, call Allied Roofing and Construction to fix it right away.

How Do You Tell if Siding Is Still Good?
When contractors in NJ replace roofs, we check your siding as well. Siding is tricky, because it can last for decades… or be torn off by one big storm! Most often, we see siding that has deteriorated after many years of use. This siding is likely to be faded, cracked, and fragile—if you push on it with your finger, you might crack it! Damaged siding can also be detected when it is warped, bent, bubbled, or “sagging.”

Call a tea of residential roofing and siding contractors in NJ to fix these problems and make sure your home is ready to weather the fall storms!

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