Chimney Repair Service

A dirty chimney is a fire hazard! Keep your home safe with chimney repair services in New Jersey, including regular cleaning, smoke extraction services, and chimney renovations.

Do you want to clean your chimney? Or do you need a degreasing and cleaning service for smoke extraction systems?

Allied Roofing & Construction can help you with proper Chimney Repair Service and maintenance of your chimney, periodically, is essential to guarantee their proper functioning and prevent fires due to soot accumulation.

Here, we specialize in the repair and cleaning of chimneys, among other services.

Proper maintenance of your chimney reduces the risk of fire, fuel consumption, and lengthens its useful life. Among the chimney services we offer include:

Depending on the case, we clean from below or above. We cover around the chimney and proceed to clean the duct, leaving it totally clean.

This can take up to thirty minutes. As our company is committed to quality and safety, we look at the installation of the duct and proceed to make a recommendation if necessary.

In the event that the problem of dirt was not soot, but bird nests, we proceed to install metal screens.

As in the chimney cleaning work, we first proceed to cover the entire area.

Then, using specific tools, we clean the inside of the ducts, including the elbows and the manhole covers. As for chimney cleaning, we review the facilities to see if they comply with the law, and we provide the restaurant with recommendations.

Most restaurant grease cleaning is done at night and does not disrupt the business life of the establishment.

We always recommend that you ask for an invoice. So you can solve any incident. Our company has insurance to cover any unforeseen event that may arise.

Our clients can be sure that the work is done in a timely manner.

In different cases, a chimney renovation cannot be avoided. This applies, for example, when signs of aging such as cracks and sooting appear.

Refurbishment is often unavoidable even when the heating system is changed. For example, modern heating systems with condensing technology place special demands on the flue gas system.

Over the years, deficiencies in the chimney can lead to a significant loss of efficiency or further problems. The smoke is no longer escaping properly, or exhaust gases are stuck in the masonry. This danger exists in the case of cracks, leaky joints, and other unevenness. Proper Chimney Repair service can help keep you and your family safe.

Many homeowners are faced with a soiled chimney: condensed water, sulfur, and tar permeate the masonry.

Above a certain level, unsightly stains form on the outer walls, i.e. visible to the residents. The reasons can be varied. For example, it could be due to the incorrect use of a wood stove.

Wood that is too moist can soot the stove. This problem also arises if there is an unheated room on the upper floors directly by the fireplace. At this altitude, the exhaust gases cool down quickly and can condense.

The renovation of the chimney of an average single-family house costs between 500 and 1,500 dollars.

This includes chimney cleaning costs.

The type and scope of a renovation vary greatly, and the prices for a chimney renovation vary accordingly.

To get the approximate chimney cap installation cost, the material costs per Sq ft. Are calculated comparatively, especially if you need an inner chimney cladding.

All you have to do is calculate the cost of materials based on the length and diameter of the fireplace. The labor costs are determined by numerous facets, including:

  • Accessibility of the roof and the chimney
  • The necessity of additional services such as chiseling
  • Individual hourly wage of the craftsman

It is best to get a chimney repair cost estimate before you begin a specific chimney renovation. The team at Allied Roofing & Construction is able to help you with every step in this process.

  • Odors in the house that cannot be explained and a frequent burning smell indicate damage to the chimney.
  • Look out for yellowish or brown spots that indicate that the chimney is sooty.
  • Whenever a new heater or stove is used, always renovate the chimney as well.

In all the work carried out, we guarantee the highest quality to the client, due to our experience and the involvement of our team in carrying out the work in the stipulated time period.