Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

Give back to the earth and save money for your household when you hire expert roofing contractors in NJ to install a solar power system!

The Value of Solar Panel Installation on your Home

In this world of uncertainty, what can be more sustainable than using natural sunlight to power and heat your home? Instead of using costly, inefficient methods that can pollute the environment, use a source of energy that will benefit the world and the community as well as your pocket! Eliminate your electricity bill forever, GET PAID CASH through government incentives, take advantage of tax rebates, heat & power your home, charge your car; the possibilities are limitless!!!

Solar energy benefits everyone from a single person or family to society at large by saving the environment, improving public health, stimulating the economy with solar employment opportunities, and generating income for one’s self or family. Solar power does not cause any kind of pollution as it emits no waste products. In addition, solar energy does not need water, gas, oil, or any other limited resource to work; it just needs some sunshine! The more we use solar energy, the more we reduce pollution and our society’s reliance on finite natural resources. Solar power is a win-win situation as it has benefits for all, both economically and environmentally. The use of solar power saves the environment, eliminates your energy bill, and adds value to your home. Start taking advantage of the benefits of solar energy today!

Not the way we do it! There are many companies and various ways that solar installation agreements can be structured; however, the most profitable way for the client is to own the system themselves. When leasing solar panels, the leasing companies receive most of the benefits. You may have a reduced electric bill; however, the company who leased you the panels will own your roof for the next 25-30 years and receive all of the government incentives. The government incentives absorb a large portion of the cost and do most of the “heavy lifting”. We aim to have you cash positive from day 1 while eliminating your electric bill forever!!! We use one of the industries’ top software, Aurora Solar, to accurately build your system and create accurate financial projections. We create a detailed proposal with cost and production analysis that breaks down the financial benefits for the 25-year warrantied life of the system. When you see the number, you will not believe your eyes! As the cost of energy rises annually, you will be saving more and more money every year!!!

You may be asking yourself, “won’t I own my solar panel system?”. The truth is that many homeowners do not; they lease the solar panel system from the installation company and miss out on most of, if not all, the government incentives and income. When you lease the solar panel system, the solar company is the owner of your system. You will save a little money each month on your electric bill; however, you miss out on all of the financial rebates that can be used to help pay for your solar panel system and put money in your pocket! Allied Roofing & Construction will help you own your solar power system so that you can receive all of the financial benefits you deserve. Because we are a certified roofing and construction company specializing in solar power system installations, there is no “double-dipping” from us. We are paid for the installation and optimization of your system with no monthly cost or fees from us. You keep all the government incentives and get a lifetime without having to worry about your roof or electric bills!

Our goal is to build an energy-producing rooftop solar system that will be owned by our client without incurring any out of pocket expense to our client. There will be a monthly payment for the system cost. However, government incentives will cover most of it, and the savings from your electric cost will cover the rest. You should see EXTRA CASH IN YOUR POCKET FROM DAY 1!!! Depending on the system size, most are paid off within 6-8 years without the owner having to come out of pocket. From that day on, you receive all of the income from the current government incentives and NEVER PAY AN ELECTRIC BILL AGAIN!!!

Having a solar-powered home will INCREASE your property’s value! Solar power is unquestionably the most affordable, cleanest, and efficient energy source available for your home and is also a great way to increase property value as your home now comes with its own self-sufficient, sustainable energy supply. A property with ZERO ENERGY BILLS and a lifetime roof that earns money will surely see increased property value! One of the biggest advantages of the current solar incentives is that even if you sell your home, you will still receive the government income for a total of 15 years whether you live there or not.

Worried about the look? We don’t blame you! Many companies use cheap, ugly, imported panels. Our panels are amongst the most visually appealing on the market!!! Our typical systems will consist of black, frame-less, low gloss panels that have a sharp appearance but do not draw too much attention to your roof. We use only top of the line, tier 1, industrial-grade equipment with industry-best warranties. The appearance and quality of our systems are second to none and most are manufactured right here in the USA by companies such as LG Solar USA (Huntsville, AL), Q-Cells(Dalton, GA), Silfab Solar (Bellingham, WA), SunPower(San Jose, CA), and many more!

In New Jersey, if you own the home, you can basically do anything you want to your own home; however, that doesn’t make it a good idea. You will still have to create a system design, attain stamped architectural drawings, file for building and electrical permits, schedule and attend required inspections, as well as adhere to all local and state building and electrical codes. You will also be faced with the task of running high voltage electrical wiring and connecting it into your electrical panel. This is a VERY DANGEROUS process and should really only be performed by a reputable, licensed electrician. After the electrical wiring is run, its time to install the roof mounting system. When installing the mounting system, it is imperative that it is tied into the roof properly. To install a brand-new rooftop solar system and then have a roof leak is a real tragedy! Unfortunately, we see it often from inexperienced installers or companies who take short cuts to increase profit or meet their bottom line. After running the wiring and installing the mounting brackets, you will be required to pass rough inspections before installing your solar panels and connecting to your electrical panel. After installing your rooftop solar panels, connecting to the electrical grid, and passing all inspections, it’s time to file lots of paperwork; yay! Filing the paperwork for the utility company as well as the state and federal incentives can be a long and tedious process if not done correctly. Not to mention the installation and registering of the monitoring software and equipment.

Installing a rooftop solar system on your home should really be performed by an experienced, licensed, solar professional to ensure quality and that your solar panels run at an optimum level as well as ensure the safety of you and your family. Each state and township have their own specific requirements and regulations that you as a homeowner need to adhere to and follow. Also, if you try to install your solar panel by yourself then you will run the risk of manufactures not honoring certain warranties due to faulty installation practices. In order to prevent warranty issues, only trust your project with a properly trained team to help you achieve the results you desire and the financial relief you deserve.

Step 1: Site Visit
After signing the installation agreement, our trained solar power technician will visit the installation site and perform and inspection. They will come to your property to verify that your home and electrical system are compatible with the new solar power system proposed. He’ll evaluate the electrical status of your house and ensure that it is suitable to install solar panels and handle the additional electrical loads. Our solar tech will also inspect your attic to confirm structural requirements such as rafter size and spacing. Your roof will also be inspected to ensure your panels never have to be removed. Without a proper roof inspection by a certified roofing professional, your solar energy system can be installed on a compromised roof causing damage and hindering the overall performance of your system.

Step 2: Utility and City Approval
Before starting the installation, approval must be attained 1st by the local utility company and then the city building department. In order to attain approvals, we will submit the system design and parameters to the utility for review. Once approved by the utility, we will attain signed and sealed architectural drawings from a licensed architect to ensure codes are followed and structural and electrical loads are withing safe limits. This documentation will be required to attain building and electrical permits. Installing a solar power system involves a substantial amount of paperwork. One of the most important steps of a solar panel installation is to attain permission from local authorities and to apply for various permits. Our team at Allied Roofing & Construction prides itself in making this a seamless process.

Step 3: Equipment Purchase
After utility and city approval, it will be time to order your equipment! Selecting the proper equipment that will best fit your home and energy needs is a crucial part of the process. It takes an experienced solar engineer to understand your home’s needs and build an efficient system. Our team will design and build the most visually appealing and efficient system available while maintaining cost-effectiveness and value! At Allied Roofing & Construction, we only use the top manufacturers with the best warranties and place our orders with the most reliable suppliers in the industry to ensure your project is completed on time and under budget!

Step 4: Installation of Solar Panel
Now that your solar power system has been approved and the solar panels, inverters. And optimizer have been ordered, it’s time to install the rough electrical wiring and rooftop mounting brackets. Our attention to detail will ensure that the wiring is installed in the most tasteful, discrete manner possible to keep your home’s beautiful curb appeal intact. To protect your roof, we use SnapNrack mounting systems, the industry’s highest-rated, self-flashed roofing mounting system available.

When installing the mounting system, it is imperative that it be tied into the roof properly. Unfortunately, we many calls from people who choose the wrong company and had their roofs fail long before the solar panel life expectancy. Make sure to choose a reputable solar contractor who cares just as much about your roof and solar system as they do about their profits. After running the wiring and installing the mounting brackets, you will be subject to the 1st phase of city inspections before actually installing your solar panels and connecting to your electrical panel. Once roof inspections have been passed, it’s time to see how those beautiful, income-generating solar panels will look on your roof! After installing your rooftop solar panels, connecting to the electrical grid, and passing all final inspections, it’s time to file lots of paperwork; yay! Filing the paperwork for the utility company as well as the state and federal incentives can be a long and tedious process if not done correctly. Not to mention the installation and registering of the monitoring software and equipment.

Step 5: City Approval and Interconnection
After installing the solar panels, you will need to interconnect with the power grid. To do this, the system must pass city inspections and be approved by the utility company. Once your solar power system has been approved, you just need to flip a switch and your solar panel system will be earning you money.

In most cases (2019) there is little or no out of pocket cost whatsoever for our customers as the federal and state incentives pay for the system. You own your own solar power plant from day 1. Each one of our solar installations is a custom job. The key is working with the right person!!!

Last year, during 2019, federal tax credits paid for 30% of the solar installation. In 2020, the federal tax incentive dropped to 26%. That valuable 26% incentive ends on 12/31/2020!!! In 2021 the federal tax credit will pay for 22% of the cost of solar systems coast to coast. Currently, there is no new legislation on the books after 2021 and this incentive could vanish forever!

In New Jersey, NJ’s Clean Energy Program will pay an income on everything your system produces for 15 years.

Now in such difficult times, we at Allied Roofing and Construction want to say thank you to all the clients we were able to serve in 2020. With that said we are very glad to let you know that the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 has been extended. What does this mean for you our valued client? Simple if you’ve been putting off the chance to go with independent Solar power for your home. Don’t put it off any longer the tax credit of 26% has been extended to 2022. Then it will go down to 23% in 2023. So call us today to see how we can help you gain energy independence. This will help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket more and more each year.

Done! We are at the end of your solar panel installation process and we hope you are fully aware of the benefits of Solar Panels. Our clients typically see full financial and energy freedom after 8 years of ownership. Solar power is one of the most efficient and cleanest forms of energy available and when done correctly, the financial gains of owning your own system are undeniable!!!