Is Chimney Cleaning in NJ Worth It? Ask Yourself These Three Safety Questions!

February 10, 2022
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Nothing beats gathering around the fireplace during a chilly day—if your chimney is cleaned! But if you need chimney cleaning services in New Jersey, that fire won’t be as appealing! Most of the best advice suggests that you have your chimney cleaned annually if you use it regularly, but is it worth it? Answer yourself with these three safety questions.

Do you want to avoid a fire?
Clearly, the biggest reason why most people want their chimney cleaned is to protect from fire. A dirty chimney can catch fire, either within the chimney itself, or due to pieces of hot embers breaking free from the walls and floating elsewhere—like your roof, the tree next door, or back into your home. Hundreds of fires are caused each year by dirty chimneys, but chimney cleaning services in NJ protect you!

Do you like fresh, clean oxygen that protects your brain?
Maybe you built your house with 100% non-flammable material and line your fireplace with as many fire extinguishers as you can get your hands on. This still won’t protect you or your family from the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your chimney is too dirty, your fire may not burn properly, and the smoke may not vent properly. This can cause immediate, severe trauma to the brain, or can cause slow, creeping cognitive decline and health effects. Scary, right? That’s why it’s worth it to have your chimney in New Jersey cleaned today!

Do you want to avoid black shadows and soot?
For those who don’t care at all about health and just want that ambient glow, consider this—a dirty chimney can produce soot, which gathers on your ceilings, near light fixtures, and around fans and air vents, leaving a black, shadowy residue. A clean chimney can help your house look its best all year.

Have you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions? Then call Allied Construction in New Jersey today to service your chimney!

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