Try These Top Roofing Industry Tips from Roofers in NJ To Minimize Your Heat Bills

February 1, 2022
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Winter weather in New Jersey can be brutal! Fortunately, New Jersey’s best roofers have tips that can help you to minimize your heating bills. Heating oil costs are rising everywhere, which is just no fun, but you can fight back with the best roofing services. Keep reading to find out more!

Repair A Damaged Roof to Prevent Heat Loss
One of the biggest sources of heat loss in New Jersey homes is a damaged roof! Whether your roof actually leaks, lets some shingles flap in the wind, or simple does not provide adequate coverage to keep the heat in, a damaged or overly worn roof can let your expensive heat escape. Since heat rises, it’s easy for it to escape through the roof. That’s why you need to call a skilled roofing repair company in New Jersey to fix any damage.

Install Proper Shingles for Your Climate
Your shingles have a lot to do with your home’s ability to maintain warmth. Roofing contractors in New Jersey know that local homes are in for tough times when the winter weather strikes! That’s why you need the proper shingles or covering for your roof. You need something sturdy, long-lasting, and resistant to frequent temperature changes for the 4-season climate. The best roofing materials will keep your home warming in the summer months, and cooler during the winter.

Check Your Chimney
If you have a fireplace, it may be making your house colder when it isn’t burning! A dirty chimney can cause problems, and many older fireplaces have some damage to the flue. When this happens, you may notice a strong, cold draft coming into your house. If you can’t get it to vent properly, always call your residential roofing repair specialists in NJ to evaluate it!

Insulate Your Attic
Perhaps this isn’t exactly your roof, but your attic and loft areas directly under your roof can also benefit from professional insulation. Again, that heat is going to rise, so the more layers between you and the great outdoors, the better. You can do some insulation yourself, but if you want the best insulation and lowest heating costs, you’re better off calling a building and roofing contractor for professional advice.

Go Solar
Want to really stick it to the power companies? Go solar! If your home is located in a good place that receives plenty of sunlight, you can generate energy to heat your home, cover your roof with another layer, and possibly generate enough energy to sell back to the power company—all while doing a good deed for the planet. Solar panel installation can be a lot of effort initially, but most customers say that it pays itself off (financially, and in terms of effort), within a few years. Your local NJ roofing contractor can help you decide your best options.

Ready to cut down on your heating bills this winter? You don’t need to walk around in a snowsuit all winter—call Allied Roofing and Construction to help your roof keep the heat in!

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